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Medical Emergency Forms

Message from Beth Carney: 
If anyone has any questions, they can e-mail me (BETHANDJACK@MSN.COM) and I will be glad to help them. Even if a member has previously filled out the forms and has an envelope on the truck, chances are their medications have changed, at the least. In that case, they should fill out the appropriate corrected form and bring it with them to switch for the old one. For a brand new envelope, the two filled out forms should be put in a 9x12 manila envelope. Then instead of sealing it, take a piece of masking tape and seal the flap down. The tape should be signed by the person, making sure to cross over from the envelope on to the tape. On the front side, print last name first and first name such as: LEON, John N. There is a locked, fire proof case on the truck where these forms are kept. In case of emergency, a health care provider (EMT, hospital ER, etc.) is given the unopened envelope. That's about it. Again, any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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